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If you need Towson Maryland tree services, from the minor— stump grind and regular pruning and maintenance, to the major— emergency limb or whole tree removal to avoid liability, there is only one company that can handle any tree service job.

At Maryland Tree Service Now, we understand the challenges that come standard with the trees on the property of your private residence, business or industrial land, and we have both the equipment and expertise to handle them. If you need tree services in Towson, Maryland, don’t wait for your problems to get out of hand; mitigate potential damage and liability by getting an expert consultation from licensed, professional arborists.

Comprehensive Maryland Tree Services

Our expert team of arborists and tree service technicians can handle any of a wide range of Towson Maryland tree services, including:

  • Regular maintenance and pruning: Everyone needs normally scheduled tree care, even on seemingly healthy trees. By checking the condition of your trees and pruning off dead branches, we can help you avoid big problems in the future.
  • Weather damage clean up: Harsh Maryland weather can damage even the sturdiest trees, and potential damage and unsightly debris on your property from fallen limbs can make your property look less than stunning. We’ll clean up after a storm and dipose of debris in the most environmentally friendly method.
  • Stump grinding: If you have a deep stump, we’ve got the tools to take it out. Whether you just need a stump ground down to property level or removed completely, the experts in tree service in Towson, Maryland can handle it for you.
  • Blight, rot and insect damage diagnosis: Don’t let your trees rot away and die on your watch. Maryland Tree Service now can examine struggling trees and tell you your options to avoid further damage.
  • Plus firewood delivery and much more!

Maryland Tree Services: Avoiding Damage and Liability

Many people underestimate the kind of damage the trees on their property can do. Aside from the obvious— falling trees and limbs endangering your home and your family —trees that didn’t pose much of a threat when they were planted can grow into structures and overhead power lines, posing a problem if left unchecked.

Additionally, roots can spread out under your home or business, as well as your driveway or parking lot and damage foundations, warp driving surfaces and become an expensive bother to fix. The Towson, Maryland tree service experts at Maryland Tree Service Now can come out to your property when you suspect a tree might be causing damage, look at all the factors at play, and recommend a solution that will save you hassle and money in the long run.

Contact the Experts Today!

No matter how big or small your tree service needs, our tree service experts in Towson, Maryland have the equipment and the expertise necessary to handle it at the lowest possible cost to you, the customer.

If you have beautiful trees on your property, make sure they’re inspected and protected— call the experts at Maryland Tree Service Now at (410) 780-0870 or fill out are online contact form for a free consultation.