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Tree Services We Offer

in Middle River, MD

Maryland Tree Service Now in Middle River offers several services for both commercial and residential properties in northeast Maryland.

Tree Removal
Stump Grinding
Weather Damage

Tree Removal

If your property has a tree that is diseased, has roots invading your foundation, or you simply need the tree out of your way, Maryland Tree Service Now provides complete tree removal including the stump. We know how to properly fall a tree away from buildings and vehicles, and strategically cut larger trees in sections to remove them. We can remove one or several trees and will clean up the area completely of all debris.

Stump Grinding

Many times, tree service companies will leave a stump behind, or someone chops down a tree without removing the stump. If you have a stump that’s getting in the way of mowing your lawn, doing activities in your yard, or it’s simply an eyesore, we offer stump grinding services. We will remove the stump and put it through our grinding machine to completely clean up the area. Stump grinding creates recyclable wood chips that can be used in other landscaping applications. Whether you have one or several tree stumps, we’ll take them off your hands.

Weather Damage

Strong winds, thunderstorms, blizzards, and hurricanes can cause branches and trees to fall on your house, garage, or commercial building. Maryland Tree Service Now repairs minor and severe weather damage. This includes clearing and removal of fallen trees, branches, and debris. We will also repair the roof, siding, or other area that has been damaged in the storm, restoring your property to its former condition. Our tree experts in Middle River also take care of branches that have fallen on power lines, contacting the local electric company when needed. We provide fast emergency service for these types of services.

Tree Maintenance

Our tree technicians also offer tree maintenance, including trimming branches and sections, debris cleanup, shrub trimming, manage diseases and pests, and offering tree risk assessments. We can also install lightening support systems and remove damaged or dead branches if needed. We can provide one time or ongoing maintenance services for your property; speak with our team to learn more.

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