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The presence of trees on your residential property can add significant beauty to your lot. The trees offer a sense of maturity to the area, provide beautiful shade on warm summer days, and can protect your lawn from the harsh summer sun and defend against soil erosion. However, sometimes trees are no longer healthy or pose a threat to your property and have to be removed.

Maryland Tree Service Now by Lazo Landscaping is a licensed and insured provider of Perry Hall tree removal and stump grinding. Though it may not seem like you need a professional for these tasks, there are many reasons to entrust your Perry Hall tree removal to our team.

Avoid Legal Issues

There’s nothing to stop you from trimming your own trees and even removing them entirely from your property. However, simply pruning your trees the wrong way can lead to disfigured growth in the future that leaves the tree unsightly as it grows. More importantly, trimming large branches can result in harm if caution isn’t used.

Worst of all, cutting down an entire tree has a lot of potential to go wrong. Without the proper knowledge and equipment, the tree could fall the wrong way and damage your home or a neighbors, which leaves you open to legal liability.

Protect Your Other Trees

In many cases, our Perry Hall tree removal is done not because a homeowner wants a tree gone, but because it has become sick or infected with bugs. The following are some of the most common reasons for Perry Hall tree removal from Maryland Tree Service Now by Lazo Landscaping:

  • Infestation of pecan webworms, aphids, oakleaf caterpillars, or other insects.
  • Presence of fungal problems or other tree infections, such as Dutch elm.
  • Tree now has a hollow trunk and is unstable.
  • Tree is leaning dangerously toward your property or a neighbor’s home.
  • Tree sustained damage during a storm.

For Perry Hall tree removal to go off without a hitch, the right people and equipment are required to get the job done quickly, safely, and cleanly.

Beautify Your Yard

We also offer Perry Hall stump grinding to help you reclaim the beauty of your yard following tree removal. Whether we removed your tree originally or a previous owner did, a remaining stump is a blight on your lawn’s beauty. Get rid of that old stump with a quick visit from our Maryland Tree Service Now professionals.

Get Moving Today

There’s no reason to wait. Give us a call today and schedule your Perry Hall tree removal and stump grinding with Maryland Tree Service Now by Lazo Landscaping.