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Sometimes there’s nothing more beautiful than a residential lot with mature trees. The presence of trees can protect your yard from the summer heat and save you water by shading the soil, and it offers a more natural appeal to your landscape with its presence. From time to time though, homeowners need to trim their trees or remove them altogether. If you need Lutherville tree removal or stump grinding, at Maryland Tree Service Now by Lazo Landscaping, we’re happy to help.

Maintain a Beautiful Yard

As beautiful as trees can be as part of your overall landscape, unhealthy trees or standing stumps are more of a blight on your property than a benefit. Our Lutherville stump grinding is designed to help you recapture the beauty of your yard by getting rid of those stubborn stumps. Whether you had a tree removed quickly to avoid dangers or a previous owner did, it’s our pleasure to help you get rid of those stumps.

What Necessitates Tree Removal?

Getting rid of an existing stump is one thing, but removing an entire tree is a different story. Tree removal requires expert service and knowledge because there are many hazards involved in the removal of trees. Our professional arborists from Maryland Tree Service Now can help you determine the necessity for tree removal. Common reasons to remove a tree include:

  • Tree is dead and no longer grows
  • Tree is infected by pecan webworms, oakleaf caterpillars, or other insects
  • Tree is suffering from fungal problems and could infect nearby trees
  • Hollow trunk
  • Leaning dangerously close to homes or other structures

In most of the above cases, removal of a tree is necessary because it poses a threat to either the nearby environment or your home and family. At Maryland Tree Service Now by Lazo Landscaping, we have the specialization to get the job done right.

Safe Tree Removal

Our Lutherville tree removal and stump grinding does more than return the beauty to your property. Our service ensures your tree removal and stump grinding are done safely and responsibly. If you undertake the work yourself and a tree falls onto an adjacent home, you will be held liable. Attempting to cut out a stump on your own could lead to injury or fatality if you strike gas or electrical lines.

Our professionals are licensed and insured, and we always take proper precautions to ensure Lutherville tree removal and stump grinding is done safely for all involved.

Contact Us Today

If you have trees or stumps that must go, give us a call to schedule your Lutherville tree removal with Maryland Tree Service Now by Lazo Landscaping.